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Gift of Stock

Alumni, parents and friends of Old Mission Peninsula School are making their gifts by donating securities to Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation. You may find that you can make a larger contribution by giving stock- particularly stock which has appreciated in value- than you could by giving cash.

A gift of securities offers you a number of advantages. Your gift is the full market value of the securities, and you may deduct this amount from your taxable income for federal income tax purposes (up to a limit of 30 percent of your adjusted gross income in the gift year, with any excess carried over for up to five subsequent years). Moreover, you will never have to pay capital-gains tax on the increased value of the securities, as you would if you sold them and donated cash.


Gift Transfer Instructions




Please notify Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation (OMPEF) of any stock/security gift to be received in advance of the transfer, so that proper donor acknowledgement and receipt can be made.


Please call Monnie Peters, OMPEF Vice President, at (231) 632-5030 or

Email with the following donation information:


Donor Name:  _________________________________________________________________

Stock Name, Ticker Symbol, and Number of Shares:  ___________________________________


Anticipated Transfer Date:  _______________________________________________________

Investment Advisor Contact Name, Number, and Email Address:  _________________________



DTC Eligible Stocks and Bonds:

Broker Name: Infinex Financial Group

Phone: (800) 987-9299

OMPEF Account Number: NFL-124007

DTC: 0443

FBO: Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation and donor name


Important – Please provide donor name for proper acknowledgement and receipt.  At this time, we apologize, but there is not a local Infinex contact at State Savings Bank.


Checks or Physical Items:

Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation

2699 Island View Rd.

Traverse City, MI 49686

Important – Please provide donor name in correspondence.


Thank you for your generous support!

Interested in learning more?

Reach out and we will be in touch shortly

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