August Updates


The Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation has had a busy summer!  In late August, local residents held a private golf outing at the scenic Manor Golf Course.  This unique and special event included guests from all over the Traverse City region, all of whom were interested in assisting with the start up-costs for Old Mission Peninsula School. The outstanding hosts, Bill Premo and Pam Prarie,  had not only put the event together at their personal course, but offered to match all of the initial registration fees.  As the event wrapped up and the silent auction items were being distributed, OMPEF President Allison O'Keefe told listening participants how much we had raised.  "I'll MATCH that amount!" announced a voice in the crowd. Ted Wickman's amazing generosity led to applause from everyone and the celebratory atmosphere increased tenfold.  Thank you to everyone who attended, and special thanks to the Premo and Prarie Family and Ted Wickman for their incredible donations!

We are thrilled to report that the event raised over $24,000, and all proceeds go directly to Old Mission Peninsula School! Our Traverse City supporters keep reminding us that education is important for all neighborhoods, not just one. We continuously strive to create educational opportunities available for the entire region. Thank you to all of our donors! Find out more about the exceptional community businesses and members who have sponsored our forever school here.