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OMPEF Recieves Grant from Community Foundation

The Grand Traverse Community Foundation awarded the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation a $1,000 grant during their December Cycle. The grant was chosen through their Youth Endowment program. High school students in the local five counties form Youth Advisory Councils ...

Thank You WOMP!


 The holiday season is a time for giving and the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula (WOMP) couldn't agree more. This year WOMP has decided to make an $8,000 contribution to the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation (OMPEF).

"The ownership of Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula appreciate being a part of the strong community on the peninsula" commented Sherri Campbell Fenton, Communications Representative for Black Star Farms, a member of the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula. "A special aspect of this community is our unique elementary school, of which many have personally attended, or had children and grandchildren attend. As the school goes through a transition, we are honored to present a matching gift of $8,000 to the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation to help carry on its tradition of excellence."

The Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula have a history of contributing to their community. Whether it's donating to Northern Michigan nonprofits or giving time to support local charities, the owners and staff of the wineries know the importance of giving back.

"The Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation is thrilled to have the continued and generous support of the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula who have supported fundraisers towards education on Old Mission Peninsula for years," commented Allison O'Keefe, President of the Old Mission Peninsula Education Foundation. "Our school parents and community members stepped up and helped grow their money, knowing WOMP would match every dollar up to $8,000."

The donation will be put toward start-up costs for opening the new Old Mission Peninsula School. This includes everything from purchasing curriculum, providing professional development for teachers, hiring leadership, providing technological infrastructure, computers and security equipment to the building any and all costs incurred to get the school up and running for a September 2018 opening. Enrollment will begin in early February as will the hiring of new teachers.

"Our hope for the future is to be able to incorporate the importance of our farming community back into our children's curriculum. We think it is imperative that these children understand the value of what they see outside their classroom windows," O'Keefe added. "OMPEF sees a future of a long-lasting partnership with WOMP through educational opportunities for our children and adults regarding agriculture, science of farming, business and the importance of giving back to the community. Overall this partnership will ensure the value of community that is an integral part of our relationship. We are fortunate to be the recipient of WOMP's generous gift and are thankful they continue to support education on Old Mission Peninsula."

Meet Our December Featured Sponsor

Our December featured sponsor is Sweetwater Threads! These Michigan Petoskey Stone shirts are made right here on Old Mission Peninsula by a family that embraces the outdoors 365 days a year. A love of the Great Lakes inspired the name ...